The Other Research Network

The Other Research Network (TORN) is about challenging and overcoming discursive, institutional and embodied othering practices in a wide array of fields and disciplines. By highlighting commensality across a multitude of divides, TORN seeks to mend perspectives ripped apart by economic, political and digital divides; by racisms, sexisms and chauvinisms widely construed.

Founded in the tumultuous summer of 2020 by Dr. Geoffrey Hobbis, Dr. Stephanie Ketterer Hobbis and Dr. Bharath Ganesh, our members draw on multidisciplinary perspectives including anthropology, (critical) development studies, geography, (critical) media studies, sociology as well as science and technology studies and we are always looking for more.

A way to bring like minds together and to advance their work, TORN is a conceptual incubator. Our premiere projects strike at the core of othering practices in a truly global framework covering social phenomena in North and South America, Europe, South Asia, Central Asia and the Pacific.

Geoff guides our discussions on Digitizing Other Economies (DOE I), where he leads a growing team investigating resilient subsistence economies on the margins of capital value systems and industrial modes of production.

Stephanie is leading a team exploring human-non-human relationships in critically endangered ecologies with the Digitizing Other Ecologies (DOE II).

Bharath is leading a growing team of researchers tackling central othering practices bedeviling western liberal democracies today, including and no less than the scourge of white supremacy, through the Digitizing Other Politics project.

Stay tuned for a website redesign featuring all of our growing list of members, their publications, workshops and our schedule of talks!

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